The 2020 Monroe Pop Fest has been cancelled due to Covid19 and current government gathering restrictions


As gut wrenching and heart breaking as this is to say and as many times as I've tried to say it, it must be said 🙁 so here goes.


Due to the still surging spread of Covid19, with the government emergency order of only 10 people at an inside event during phase 4 ( which we are still in here in SE Michigan ) and for the safety of our fans, vendors, staff and guests The Saturday September 19, 2020 Monroe Pop Fest is cancelled.


I've waited, hoped and prayed for as long as I could but there is no way logistically to safely and successfully have a show right now. We've had discussions with our health department and venue and it is just not feasible to go on at this time 🙁 Our #1 priority is the health and safety of our friends, family, guests and fans and this is the only way we can do it. I know most of you figured this was coming but know we are truly heartbroken that we cant be together this September.


We have a date booked in December if things get better. December 19th. We may try to do a virtual show Sept 19, 2020, some small pop up shows, private signings and meet & greets in 2021 as well. But as of now nothing is planned so stay tuned !!


I've created a group for all of our artists/vendors/exhibitors to stay in touch with and tried to let everyone know before going public, so let me know if you have yet to be invited. We've also spoke with our guests and everyone is open to returning when safe to do so and can't wait to get to Monroe to meet their fans.


Artist/Vendors/Exhibitors you will of course have the option of rolling your booths over to either December ( if we have something ), lock in and roll over for our 2021 September 18th show or request a refund. Just let me know.


Everyone who purchased tickets will have your money refunded automatically through PurplPass.


We love all of you guys and miss you so be safe and hopefully we will all be together soon wether it be virtually, in December or in 2021!!


Any questions feel free.

Thank you


Gary & Dawn Pillette ( The Monroe Pop Fest )

Even though our in person 2020 show is cancelled, that doesnt mean we cant have fun with an all day, live virtual one !! Join us live on our Facebook page Saturday September 19 from 10am - 7:30pm for live online artist and vendor sales, panels and specal guests Suart Sayger, Bill Morrison and Art The Clown David Howard Thornton! CBCS will be live with Stuart and Bill for signature witnessing and of course helping you with your book submittals !! 

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