The 2021 Monroe Pop Fest Cosplay Contest is sponsored by


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Here's a pic of previous year's winners !!!

2019 Winner
Chad Divel

2018 Winner
Chad Divel

2017 Winner

Michael Wong

Dragon Rider

2016 Winner

 Rex Fett

Fett Pool

2015 Winner

Michael Wong


Panel Schedule:



5:15 - 6 PM:   3 Geeks Podcast Live!: hosted by Jason Taylor feat. 

Max Andrews, Justin Carcione & Dan Baugher (podcast discusses various geek topics)


6:15 - 7 pm:   The Cultural Impact of Star Wars: 

hosted by Tim Beisiegel.


7:15 PM - 8 PM:  Remake Revolution: hosted by Jason Taylor feat. 

Max Andrews, John Orlando & 2 convention goers (competition between two teams to remake 

a movie on the spot)


8:15 - 9 PM :   Funny Science Fiction Podcast: hosted by Tim Beisiegel & 

Kathleen Wass (podcast discusses various funny topics in genre of sci-fi) 




11 AM- 11:45:   The Netflix Effect: How Streaming 

Services Affect Media Consumption: hosted by Tim Beisiegel 


12:15 - 1pm   LIVE Speed painting from Dave Santia ( Outside stage ) 


1:15 - ?:   Cosplay Contest sign up at the Nexus 419/EXP booth #905 ( Outside stage ) 


2:15 - 3PM  Sports in Comics: hosted by John Orlando & Tim Beisiegel 

feat. Dom Riggio & Darren McCarty (if he is available on Saturday): discussing 

hockey, wrestling & Mess Bucket Comics


3:15 - 4 PM   power ranger panel 


4:15 - 5 PM:   Independent Comic Creators Circle: hosted by John Orlando feat 

Jay DeFoy, Brian Lau & Dirk Manning: discussing process to independently produce comics.


5:15 - 6 PM:   Comic Book Movies & TV panel: hosted by Max Andrews 

& Jason Taylor: (discussion on how closely source material should be followed)